Noisecore from Brazil.


2001 The Ignorants demo tape
2004 Ignorants? tape
2004 Sobras do Resto CD-R
2005 Split CD-R w/ Circo Jeka
2006 Volta CD-R
2006 Revolta CD-R
2006 Hilarious Brutality CD-R self-released
2006 Anti-Mídia CD-R
2006 Déjà Vu
2006 Hellcome to Well CD-R self-released
2006 3-way split CD-R w/ Decayin' Corpse/50 Ways To Kill Me
2006 Coisa de Pobre CD-R
2006 Na Base do Foda-se CD-R Fyazko Records
2007 Split CD-R w/ Sera O Benedito?
2007 H8 The G8 CD-R Fyazko Records
2007 Hoje é Dia de George! CD-R Fyazko Records
2008 Nada CD-R
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