Melanocetus Murrayi

Noisecore band from Greece.


2006 Demo CD-R self-released
2007 4-way split tape w/ Mutilated Ear-Drum/Gore Galore/Decomposing Vomit : Garbage 4 Sic Septic Aroma of Reeking Stench
2007 8-way split CD-R w/ Anal Disembowelment/Berkowitz/Bestial Vomit/Kadaver/Potabilizadora/Takashi Ohkawa/Urinary Dysfunction Lo-Fi Records
2008 3-way split CD-R w/ Praia de Vomito/Noittus self-released
2008 Split CD-R w/ Vulgar Nausea SaOrS
2008 Split tape w/ Deche-Charge SaOrS
2008 4-way split CD w/ [[Potapibilizadora]]]/Colico/Funeral Mongoloids RONF Records
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