Pissed Cunt

Noisecore band from the Czech Republic.


1996 City A Pocity demo tape self-released
1997 Extreme Ana Attack demo tape
1997 The Splurge demo tape
1997 Split tape w/ Unpleasant
1998 Split tape w/ Grossmember : Keepin' the Dream Alive
1998 Split tape w/ Dementia : Even a Cunt
1998 4-way split tape w/ D.H.I.B.A.C./Corpse/Osteo Sarkom
1998 Split tape w/ A La Patada/Kyborg 612 Mutationed Records
1998 3-way split tape w/ Carnal Diafragma/Rabies
2005 Neni Co Resit demo tape
2006 Sore demo tape
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