Violent Headache

Noisegrind band from Spain.


1988 Sad But True demo tape self-released
1989 A Hell In Your Head demo tape self-released
1990 The Fight Continues demo tape self-released
1990 Split tape w/ Slash Dementia
1991 Pyogenic Infection of Membrillo demo tape self-released
1992 Therapy of Noise demo tape Anaconda Records
1993 Attack of Antijetcore Airgamboys demo tape Head Erosion Tapes
1993 Live at the Trinchetta live tape self-released
1993 Split 7" w/ Agathocles : Starvation/Contra Las Multinacionales Asesinas Accion Directa Anaconda Records (ANA 09)
1993 Split 7" w/ Positi Caustico Pcum
1993 Split 7" w/ Cripple Bastards Psychomania Records
1994 Split 7" w/ Intestinal Disease : Bloody Progress Born To Booze
1995 Split tape w/ Psychoneurosis
1996 Police Brutality CD Grita O Muere
1996 Split 7" w/ Proyecto Terror Mala Raza
1996 Split tape w/ Final Exit : Stop Oppression Ironia Records
1997 Split 7" w/ Carcass Grinder : Trituradora De Cadavres NAT Records
1997 Split 7" w/ Excreted Alive : Condemned Childhood Blurred Records
1998 Bombs of Crust CD/LP
2000 Split 7" w/ My Minds Mine Mortville Records
2001 Split 7" w/ Unholy Grave Wicked Witch
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